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We have put together an instructional video with a little help from some lovely friends! Take a look and see what you think!

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Audience feedback from the Barnsley Mermaid Gala

We have been collecting feedback from people who came to the Mermaid gala in Barnsley.


Here is some examples of what people had to say!

I really liked the interaction with the water – that was brill. I think the mix of movement, costume, music and water is pretty irresistible.”

It was thoroughly engaging and funny – an enjoyable audience experience”

What people enjoyed:

child-friendly, relaxed atmosphere, loved the dancing/performance and general look, the routine, the uniqueness of the show, something different – quirky,  just good fun and the music was brill! Nostalgia- good entertainment! All of it – it took guts to do it outside.”


The Girls lifted my spirits – a jolly good show.”


The pictures were especially stunning on the water wall and created a whole new dimension for the wallPictures by Lizzie Coombes 2013

 “I felt the vintage style swimming costumes created an air of elegance and positivity compared to how some modern day swim wear is designed to objectify the female body.”

Venue feedback: “the inclusive feel of the and welcoming nature of the event and company had great potential to invite further audience engagement and I would be interested in working together on future projects that can include outreach for the venue.”


Professional Mermaids?

Mermaid call out!

News: Yorkshire Life Aquatic, Summer Sublet residency at West Yorkshire Playhouse


We are inviting performers with experience in physical theatre, with an ability to move well and an interest in the concept of ‘dry land synchronised swimming’ (think Esther Williams/Busby Berkeley) and making performance material around this concept to our Summer Sublet Residency at West Yorkshire Playhouse from 15th-19th July. Intended open sessions are Wednesday 17th 10.30-16.30pm  and/or Thursday 18th 4-9pm. Please let us know if you would be interested in attending and your availability. This workshop is unpaid but could lead to paid work in Aug/sept and will give us a chance to see how you work with the rest of the team.

 Paid Work

We are looking for two female performers with strong performance skills, experience with working in outdoor/ unusual space and an affinity with the subject material and a sense of fun to work with us in August/September and be part of performances. Must be free 6th & 7th August, 24th-30th august ( rehearsals and performance Barnsley Civic), 27th september (tech & splash mob), 29th September ( performance Bramley Baths) and 6 short pool sessions ( 1-2 days rehearsals) in September. ( As some of the performance will involve being in the water, a good level of confident swimming ability is necessary)

Could you let us know as soon as possible if you are interested and when you are available to attend at the Playhouse rehearsals. Please email lucy.meredith02@gmail.com


Many thanks!