Bramley Mermaids Club

We started the first class of our Mermaid excercise course on Monday night at Bramley Baths, We had a lovely and very enthusiastic group of ladies attend, some new and some who had been to our taster classes last summer. We started off with a bit of ‘Bunny Breaststroke’ to the sounds of the Andrews Sisters to warm up then went on to learning skulling and the dreaded ‘Egg beater’! (a treading water technique used by Synchronised Swimmers). Everyone picked up the moves at such a fast pace that by the end of the session we had put together a routine involving Flamingos and Swans (our own interpretations of course 🙂

It was a really great session and we were so impressed with the groups skills we will have to get some harder moves together for next week to keep them on (or off) their toes! It was also nice to have a chill and a chat in the Steam Room at the Baths after! Well we did deserve it!! Looking forward to next week!!



Mermaid Classes!

Bramley Mermaid Club! Mermaid Exercise is back!068

Yorkshire Life Aquatic’s ‘Mermaid Exercise classes’ combine fun aqua dance and movement with simple synchronised swimming techniques. The classes will provide a chance to exercise whilst learning new skills and being creative. The classes are fun, informal and a chance to meet new people.

This is open to all abilities ( ladies only at this stage – sorry mermen) and working towards creating your own aqua routines over the course. Release your inner mermaid!

Classes are every Monday at 7:30pm – 8:30pm at Bramley Baths. Starts 12th May until 16th June ( no classes on bank holidays)

“Brilliant, splash-tastic fun!”

Classes can be booked from TODAY at Bramley Baths – get booking ladies!

Classes funded by Bramley First

Mermaid classes are back!

068We have just come from a fab meeting at Bramley Baths and can now confirm that our Mermaid creative exercise classes will be starting in May at the Baths. The classes will be running for 20 weeks over 2014. So if you are interested in finding your inner mermaid, doing exercise whilst being creative and having fun, then watch this space as dates and times will be finalised and released in the next month. Its all very exciting! We are thinking of calling it Bramley Mermaids Club…..what do you think?

Happy Christmas from the Mermaids!

Dear Friends,
Just a quick message to wish you a fantasic Christmas and a splashing new year from all at Yorkshire Life Aquatic!

It has been an amazing year for us with residencies at Barnsley Civic and the West Yorkshire Playhouse.
We also performed at Beacons Festival and held Mermaid Gala events at Barnsley Civic and Bramley Baths where we also ran Mermaid classes.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported our work over the last year and we are really looking forward to what 2014 has in store for the mermaids.

If you have not yet been able to see our shows the performances at Barnsley & Bramley will be available to watch online in the new year along with our brand new website!

Also if you are feeling particually energetic on New Years day at Bramley Baths is the Big Dip from 12-2pm details on the Bramley Website We will be going along for a swim so feel free to come and have a chat!

Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and new year. You will be seeing lots more of the Mermaids in 2014. Please feel free to drop us a line if you want to find out more.

Best wishes & splashes!
Lucy & Zoe

Feedback from Bramley Baths Mermaid Gala

A fantasic 668 people came through door of the Bramley Baths open afternoon & Mermaid Gala on Sunday 29th September. It was a lovely day and here is some of the audience feedback we collected.


Loved, loved, loved the mermaids today. Adored the retro soundtrack and the stylish choreography. And the mermaids were oh so enchanting! The performance felt real and honest which added to its charm. Me and my eight year old were mesmerized and we could easily have sat through the entire peformance all over again. And today’s performance has given me hope that with some practice I might one day be able to glide through the water with such grace. Bloody well done!

It was wonderful – I shall never enter the pool again without lipstick!

You can’t beat a splash of cheeky vintage fabulousness to brighten your afternoon – loved it, well done!

Cleverly done and very funny!

So in keeping with the vintage setting.

The setting was perfect- the atmosphere brilliant! Lovely music, cake and mermaids, just such a sense of FUN!!

My daughter loved when they were in a circle.

A strong performance with a lot scope, unique and makes good use of the wonderful pool, I’m really glad that I came! Best show so far – well done!

Lovely atmosphere. Excellent to have it use this fabulous venue. Fantastic show – we look forward to more in the future.

congratulations on such an original show. Nice to see dance in a different place. brilliant fun!

The mermaid gala was beautifully set in Bramley baths. The light hearted start set up the more technical, synchronised latter part of the performance very nicely. I think the whole setting worked well to evoke the vintage theme of the project. It was a good day to see something unusual.


Thank you to everyone who came along to see us, we are very happy mermaids!

Photos by Lizzie Coombes

Summer press release


Synchronised swimming comes to dry land in new arts project.

An open-air performance will see a group of modern day mermaids take to the land and demonstrate synchronised swimming without getting wet. Well, maybe a little.

Million Dollar Mermaids, from newly established Yorkshire Life Aquatic, is an homage to a golden age of Hollywood when stars like Esther Williams graced the silver screen in films like Million Dollar Mermaid – which gives the project its name. Featuring six performers from around Yorkshire, Million Dollar Mermaids is a specially created outdoor performance being premiered on Friday 30th August at Barnsley Civic as part of CARP, their Creative Artistic Residency Programme.

The Yorkshire Life Aquatic team has developed a routine combining vintage synchronised swimming techniques with physical theatre under the guidance of choreographer Zoe Parker.

Yorkshire Life Aquatic was founded by Yorkshire based creatives Zoe Parker, ex-synchronised swimmer Lucy Meredith, Ellen McAuslan, Natasha Glew and Carolyn Eden, working with local musician Jamie Fletcher and photographer Lizzie Coombes.

Zoe Parker said: “We wanted to work with the beautiful vintage look, using movement inspired by synchronised swimming techniques and also celebrate the variety of real women and classic strong feminine role models. We created the routine working in and out of the water with movements specifically designed for the water feature and rock structure in Barnsley. It’s a perfect setting.”

The piece was developed at West Yorkshire Playhouse in June this year as part of the theatre’s Summer Sublets, where the final two Mermaids, Jennifer Nevin and Keeley Lane were recruited. The project is being supported by the Arts Council, Leeds Inspired, CARP at Barnsley Civic, Yorkshire Dance, Spin Arts Management and MAAP.

There will be two opportunities for Mermaid sightings, outdoors in Mandela Gardens, next to Barnsley Civic Theatre, with performances on 30th August at 3.15pm and 4.15pm, running for 15 minutes each.

The performances are part of a Mermaid Gala, an afternoon of family fun, inspired by the vintage swimming theme of the project, taking place from 3.00-5.30pm including musical entertainment, a exhibition of underwater photography by Lizzie Coombes, and a range of activities including a traditional seaside face-in-hole photo-booth, vintage tea and cakes and a hula hoop workshop. This is a free to attend event open to all ages.

To accompany the project, Yorkshire Life Aquatic have been gathering photographs and stories for their “Vintage Swimwear” pin up story board, a collection of images of people and water up until the 1980’s, which will be on display on the day. Visitors will be able to read about seaside and swimming memories and add their own, so bring your vintage pictures along.

Yorkshire Life Aquatic are also working with partners Bramley Baths in Leeds and are currently running Mermaid swimming workshops, with performances scheduled there for September 29th.

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Image attached copywrite Maria Spadafora (Mermaids left to right Lucy Meredith, Natasha Glew, Zoe Parker)